About the Russian Law Academy

The Federal State – Funded Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Training ”The Russian Law Academy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice”
(hereinafter the RLA of the Ministry of Justice, Academy) was set up in
accordance with the enactment of the RFSSR governmental act dated Dec. 2, 1991
N 28 “On the establishment of the Russian Law Academy of the RFSSR
Ministry of Justice on the basis of the Law Academy of the USSR
Ministry of Justice, which was the successor of the All-Union Institute
of Continuing Education for Lawyers founded by the USSR Ministry for
Justice in accordance with the decree of the Central Committee of the
USSR Communist Party and the USSR Council of Ministers dated July 30,
1970 N 634 “On measures of improving the work of judicial and
prosecution bodies”.

At present the Academy is the only fundamental educational and
research institution of the Russian Ministry of Justice and it trains
practicing lawyers of new formation able immediately on graduation to
participate in putting into life planned targets of the Russian Ministry
of Justice (expert examination of all Federal and other legal drafts
for their corruption capability, legal support of small business,
protection of private property, creation of the system of free legal
support for socially unprotected citizens).

As for qualification of the staff the Academy ranks as one of the
leaders among law educational establishments in Russia.

As a higher educational institution RLA of the Ministry of Justice
implements the curricular of secondary, higher, postgraduate and further
professional training.

The Academy carries out:

- training of experts with vocational and higher legal degrees;

- retraining and further education of employees of legal bodies
and agencies; bailiffs; executives and experts of different organizations;

- legal training and further education of experts in executive
and legislative bodies;

- training highly qualified research and academic staff at the
postgraduate courses or extramural postgraduate students at the relevant
departments with the purpose of awarding a scientific degree.

The Academy consists of the following departments: a faculty of law, a faculty of continuing education, a faculty of continuing in – service training, a scientific research institute, postgraduate courses and a doctorate, an international cooperation and public relation department, an academy access course, a legal support center, a library, a publishing department and affiliations.

The Academy is a leading body of the Russian Ministry of Justice
which ensures the development of theoretical problems in the field of
staff retraining and further education as well as coordinates
scientific, educational, methodological, publishing activities relating
to lawyers in-service training within the framework of the Russian
Ministry of Justice.